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Sonacoustic® is unique in its Qualities!

Stunning [in]visible Acoustics

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Seamless finish for a superior sound-absorbing acoustic climate

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Sonacoustic® is a highly decorative sound absorbing ceilings and wall finishes with a variable finishing and a seamless finish that furthermore every form of the surface is adjustable. The smooth surface can be finished both in whole or with the various structures.The product belongs to the top in its class.

The structure of the Sonacoustic® system consists of a combination of different sound-absorbing Sonaboards and layers of seamless finish. Because of the wide variety of finish we can meet every optical wish. The diversity of the different versions in different thicknesses (~ 25 t / m ~ 65 mm) we can satisfy any acoustic requirement.

The product complies with the following properties:

  • Choice of finish

  • Optically a hard surface

  • Excellent sound absorption qualities

  • Fireproof

  • Possible in any desired color (extra charge)

  • In different thicknesses available

  • To apply on any surface

  • Nature Pure environmentally friendly

  • light weight

  • fast application

Technical Specifications


Sonaspray® is a sound-absorbing product is applied by spraying in areas where reducing reverberation time and noise and improve acoustics is desired. Sonaspray® adapts to any type of ceiling or wall to. By varying the thickness of the spray layer can be realized in a custom sound absorption.

Sonaspray® acoustic spray material is unique in its quality, sound absorption and application.

SONACOUSTIC® 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz NRC

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